6/15/14 // Hang Snatch attempt. Still with an awful OH mobility. 135lbs

6/19/14 // Failed Clean. Did not know how to get under the bar. 205lbs.

9/18/14 // Failed Snatch PR attempt. 160lbs. This would have been a body weight snatch.

7/30/14 // Clean and Jerk PR. 215lbs. Not a solid jerk though.

3/5/14 // Back when my OH mobility was horibble. (Still is ) 95lb Snatch

2/7/14 // First time playing around with Olympic Lifting after Crossfit. 135lb Clean.

10/12/14 // Completely bitched out on my jerk. 225lb clean and failed jerk.

10/13/14 // Playing around with 185lb for the dancer complex.